Digital Arts Rubric

5.28 Students use art forms to communicate, showing the ability to define and solve artistic problems with insight, reason, and technical proficiency.

5.30 Students use a variety of visual arts media (e.g., clay, tempera, watercolor, paper mache, animation, computer-aided design, video) to show an understanding of the different properties each possesses.

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Exploring painting, drawing, type tools, and filters. File types, size and resolution may be inappropriate for intended use. Continued exploration of tools used in level 1. Some manipulation of imagery is evident, some of which is clearly intentional. Some understanding of file types is evident. "Jaggies" may still be evident, but unintended. Student is now using layers for additional objects, and selections are improving. File type is appropriate for use. Increased use of manipulations (color, distortion, transformation, rearrangement, etc.) Use of filters and canned effects may still be blatant or obvious. Purposeful, intentional manipulation, less reliance on canned effects. Student is masking or blending layers or areas using skillful selections and able to optimize images so they are not blurry, have good contrast, etc. Manipulations are conscious choices and are so skillfully done that it is impossible to determine what tools were used to create the piece.

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Digital Rubric
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